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A Poem written in 1919 to help raise funds for the families following the collapse of the man-engine.

St Just, Pendeen and neighbourhood will never forget the day,
When thirty-one poor miners were suddenly called away;
This fearful accident occurred, on Monday at Levant,
And many a home is fatherless through this terrible event;
The Man Engine was at fault, they say: while bearing human freight,
Though very near the surface smashed - and sent them to their fate;
The awful strenuous hours that passed, whilst bringing up the dead,
And rescuing the wounded, the thought we almost dread;
There were many willing helpers came over from Geevor Mine,
To help the rescuing parties, which was merciful and kind;
The doctors, too deserve our thanks for attentiveness and skill,
In succouring wounded comrades brought to surface very ill;
The Parson and the Minister both rendered yeoman aid,
To alleviate the sufferers, Christian diligence displayed;
Now in conclusion let me say to rich as well as poor
Remember the widows and orphans of those that's gone before…